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Softer Looks in Stone a Rising Trend in 2021

Tarmak USA Marble Perla application

The granite industry in the USA has seen a sharp spike in requests for granite that is honed rather than polished. Honed granite shows more subtle variations in color contrast and is not as light reflective as polished granite.

This same trend is making honed marble tiles more popular for both floor and wall installation. Honed Iceberg marble has a lovely gray to taupe warm palette honed Milas White is a soft neutral and both can be used with any color scheme. Honed Perla marble has a beautiful, consistent light vanilla shading.

There is a myth that honed stone is more difficult to keep clean but the reality is that any honed stone when properly sealed after installation, is as easy to keep clean as any other surface. Precautions regarding harsh chemicals that may stain stone (including some shampoos and hair conditioners but that’s another topic to write about) are equally important for polished and honed marble.

Proper installation and proper care means your honed stone can last a lifetime, presenting a soft, welcoming feel to any room.

John Schutt
Instagram: johncschutt

John Schutt has decades of experience in construction and construction materials. A licensed residential and commercial building contractor for a number of years in Colorado, John was invited to move to the Midwest to work on some major construction initiatives as both a project manager and purchasing analyst.


After a couple of decades there, John traveled to Florida for the change of weather for his family, and  found a new career angle as a sales manager for tile and stone and building supplies importers, managing a national customer base and sales team,  moving more than a hundred containers per year.


Choosing a more self-directed phase in 2017, John became an independent sales agent and market analyst.