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Blue Design Themes

Blue is Back! Pick up any decorating or design magazine and you will see articles about designing with and around blue themes. What are the advantages of designing with blue? Blue based shades are always cool and in pastel shades, they are very calming. Even deeper blues have a calming effect if they are not high gloss.

One of the best features of blue is that it can coordinate well with bold primary colors as accents and with subtle shades of lime green, butter yellow, dusky orange, etc.

When choosing marble that works with a blue design scheme, the first choice is to seek out stones that have a blue base. All stones have a primary base color; Blue, red or yellow and most will have a mixture of the primary colors in the undertones but the dominant primary color is usually easy to see. Stones with bold blue include Blue Savoy and Solto White. Many people think of Carrara as a white/gray/black mix, but it is also a blue based marble. Milas white has a very subtle blue base but also has a hint of warm in the undertones. Iceberg seems to fight with itself in a beautiful way with a mix of blue based gray and yellow based taupe shades. Any of these stones would be a good place to start in coordinating your floor and wall tiles and decorative mosaics with a blue theme. Of course, you can never go wrong with Bianco Venato dolomite, one of the whitest marbles available.

Regardless of the final choice, your blue based marble will enhance and beautifully reflect the cool, calming theme of the room.

John Schutt
Instagram: johncschutt

John Schutt has decades of experience in construction and construction materials. A licensed residential and commercial building contractor for a number of years in Colorado, John was invited to move to the Midwest to work on some major construction initiatives as both a project manager and purchasing analyst.


After a couple of decades there, John traveled to Florida for the change of weather for his family, and  found a new career angle as a sales manager for tile and stone and building supplies importers, managing a national customer base and sales team,  moving more than a hundred containers per year.


Choosing a more self-directed phase in 2017, John became an independent sales agent and market analyst.