Checker Board Collection

As Tarmak USA, We can’t get enough of checkerboard pattern floors. This pattern is sophisticated, dramatic and expressive.

Checkerboard floors have been  gaining popularity  in mainstream design lately, but this staple pattern has been a classic choice for centuries and never truly goes out of style.  The history of the checkerboard floor can be dated all the way back to the  ancient Egyptian temples and has been used over and over again in French country houses and 1950s American diners. We love the versatility of checkerboard floors and how many different ways they can be used throughout a home!

What is a checkerboard flooring design?
This flooring design style is created by alternating square floor tiles with different colors. It has been around for centuries and continues to be a pattern that continues to rule the design world. No matter the layout, a checkerboard floor pattern is sure to be the star of any home.

Are checkerboard floors in style?
Always! This is another example of something in the interior design world that never goes out of style! Trends come and go. Most of us can’t afford to replace flooring in our homes every time the pendulum swings. This is why we recommend making timeless decisions for big-budget items.

Colors and layouts
The most common color combinations for alternating square tiles on the floor are black and white or gray and white. Black tiles create a bit more contrast compared to gray tiles but both look stunning paired with white. If you want to add a patterned floor with a subtle look, beige and white is an elegant combination. The overall look you are going for when designing a room will help determine which will look best.