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Yes, we ship 4"x4", 6"x6" or 6"x12 samples of field tiles, swatches of mosaics and full piece of moldings. You will see a "Order Sample" link at the bottom of the product page for your sample requests. Free shipping on samples shipped to the U.S. and only $5.00 shipping on samples shipped to Canada.
We pick samples from the batches we have in stock to ensure that they represent the actual product you will get if you place an order. However, please note that samples are supposed to be a good representation of the actual product, especially in finish and density of the material. Natural stone varies in color and veining from piece to piece. The naturally occurring variations contribute to its distinctive appeal. We recommend that you refer to the pictures on our web site to get a better sense for the range of variation in colors and patterns. You can always ask for range photos to be emailed to you as well.
Yes, you can pick up your order at our Tampa, FL warehouse. However, we will appreciate if you can call us at (813) 247-1700 in advance to schedule the pick up time.
As the receiver, your signature on a delivering carrier's freight Bill of Lading (BOL) constitutes acceptance of the merchandise "as is" and in good order. If you do not inspect before signing you are, for all practical purposes, waiving "our" mutual right to collect on a damage claim no matter if the damage is visible or "concealed". Once you sign, the goods and responsibility is yours.
Prior to signing and dating the Bill of Lading (BOL), clearly note in the presence of the driver that the shipment is damaged - DO NOT NOTE "SUBJECT TO INSPECTION." Take clear pictures of the damaged item(s), as carriers will require them to be filed with the claim, and be sure to keep the packing material for inspection by the carrier. The more you document, the quicker and more successful your (our) claims resolution will be.
Prior to signing and dating the Bill of Lading (BOL), clearly note that the shipment is short, including the exact number or amount if possible. Again, DO NOT NOTE "SUBJECT TO INSPECTION."
The best way to avoid running short is by properly measuring prior to placing your order. We recommend that you order at least 10 percent more than the actual area to be covered. But if you come up short, you can order the minimum quantity and your order will be processed just like any other regular order.

Pre-Sales Question?

Tar-mak USA offers free showroom samples of 18"x18" and 12"x24" tiles as well as the concept boards to display in your showrooms. We are also encouraging all of our customers to order free samples before making the final selection.

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