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Trends to Expect in the Remodeling Industry in 2022

The remodeling industry saw a surprising amount of growth in 2020 and 2021. Will those remodeling trends continue into 2022?

The short answer is YES! 2022 is looking really good for the remodeling industry and we expect the demand for home builders, remodelers, and designers to continue to grow.

That’s why if you’re a housing professional, it’s important to stay up to date on the latest remodeling trends in order to take full advantage of the demand.

So as we move into 2022, what are some specific trends in the remodeling industry that you should keep your eye on? And how can you adapt your business to grow with the trends?

In this 5-minute read, you’ll get everything you need to know.

Let’s take a look at the biggest remodeling trends you can expect to see in 2022.

Continued exponential growth
Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the residential remodeling market is seeing strong demand and continued optimism. Part of that is even due to the pandemic.

People are using their homes more than ever for work, relaxation, and entertainment. And to better support their activities, more people are remodeling their homes to support their new lifestyles.

For example…as we look at kitchen remodel trends, we see more and more homeowners wanting to redo their kitchens. That’s likely because they’re spending less time eating out and more time at home enjoying meals as a family. We can see similar trends with home offices, outdoor entertainment areas, and living spaces.

Another reason the home remodeling demand is forecasted to grow is the strong housing market. House prices are appreciating across the country and as homeowners’ equity grows, more are likely to invest back into their homes.

Millennials moving from DIY to Professionals
YouTube and HGTV have made DIYers out of just about everyone. But DIY projects around the home aren’t always as easy or money-saving as many think. That’s why more and more homeowners (especially millennials) are turning to professionals.

Millennials value originality and authenticity which is a big reason why so many embark on DIY projects to customize their homes. And once they get their feet wet with simple projects like gardening or painting, many millennial homeowners end up hiring professionals for more complicated projects — like kitchen and bathroom remodels.

This also means that you should be ready to discuss a wide range of design ideas. Many modern homeowners are frequent users of Instagram, Pinterest, or Houzz so they have tons of design inspiration and ideas. They just need a remodeling contractor to help make them a reality.

Supply chain and labor shortages continue to be an issue
The supply chain crisis isn’t over yet and building supplies are likely to continue to fluctuate widely in price. Part of that is partially due to the increased spending on home improvements while the supply chain is trying to keep up.

So you can expect it to be challenging to find the exact materials and products you need. Get ready to present clients with several design concepts and then go with the one that has currently available materials.

And with the labor shortage, a lot of remodelers are struggling to keep up with the demand. While this can make it harder to manage your business, fortunately, there will likely continue to be plenty of work to go around.

High-quality renderings in the design process
With remodeling trends showing an increased demand for custom home projects, project presentations are going to be more important than ever. Most homeowners aren’t satisfied anymore with a simple verbal explanation or hand-drawn sketch of what you’re proposing.

That’s where high-quality 3D images come in (like the ones produced with Cedreo). They make it easy to show clients different color schemes, furnishings, layouts, finishes, and materials before they make a final decision.

And 3D renderings also help you and your clients stay safe. Instead of always having to do in-person visits, you can present your ideas virtually and give project estimates without visiting the home.

Just be sure to get an easy-to-use design program for renderings — like Cedreo — so you don’t have to hassle with complicated 3D modeling software.