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4Q 2020 U.S. Ceramic Tile Industry Update

Tile Council of North America just shared the data about US ceramic tile consumption in 2020 which was 2.84 billion sq ft, down 3.5 percent down from the previous year. It was 2.94 million in 2019, 3.10 million in 2018. Spain was the largest exporter to the US in 2020 with a 20.7 percent share followed by Mexico (17.0 percent) and Italy (16.6 percent). Turkey is ranked forth as it grew sq ft sold by 39 percent from 2019 to 2020. On a dollar basis, Italy remained the largest exporter to the US in 2020 comprising 31.4 percent of US imports, followed by Spain with a 23.4 percent share and Mexico 11.2 percent share.