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Black is the new Black

Interior designers know that in home color trends follow fashion trends by a few years. Walk down a busy street where men and women are dressed for work, from business casual to business traditional and you will see a lot of versions of black and dark gray and this has been true for at least five years. Do a search of online home design magazines and almost every one of them will have a current article discussing black furniture, how to add black accents to every room and more.

The tile and stone shows that are previewing what will be shown in 2022 have a tremendous amount of black marble and porcelain tiles with a black marble appearance. Looking at marble mosaic sale trends over the past few years, you see a steady growth of mosaics that have black mixed with white, black mixed with gray and even all black.

As with all trends, this one will last quite a while as it moves from trend setters to early adopters to the general market, so planning designs with black marble included we can be confident that they will be current for a decade or more. In addition, because this was a popular choice going back to the late 1800s and lasting for many decades, it’s possible to continue to redecorate around black and black mixed with white or gray permanently. Be bold with black in 2022, you won’t be alone!

John Schutt
Instagram: johncschutt

John Schutt has decades of experience in construction and construction materials. A licensed residential and commercial building contractor for a number of years in Colorado, John was invited to move to the Midwest to work on some major construction initiatives as both a project manager and purchasing analyst.


After a couple of decades there, John traveled to Florida for the change of weather for his family, and  found a new career angle as a sales manager for tile and stone and building supplies importers, managing a national customer base and sales team,  moving more than a hundred containers per year.


Choosing a more self-directed phase in 2017, John became an independent sales agent and market analyst.